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Sasha is 30 years old now. When she was 11 month, there was a fire in the house where Sasha’s parents lived. The little girl was saved from the fire, but her face and hands were badly burned. Six months after the fire Sasha's condition was critical. Doctors did not give her a chance at a full life. Today, the girl underwent 39 plastic surgeries. The doctors collected in small fragments her face, nose and hands. The skin for the face transplant from legs and abdomen. «There was the dark memories and terrible pain during the operation, but I want to live» — Sasha said. Despite all the difficulties, Sasha was able to get an education. She works as a technical writer in Minsk’s IT Company. She travels a lot and leads an active lifestyle, but everyday she has to overcome the barriers that exist in society towards people with physical disabilities. «People are friendly and appreciate you, but they don’t perceive you as a girlfriend. There was not fun, but now I take it calmly about it» — Sasha said.

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