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Radunitsa ("Day of Rejoicing") — the day of remembrance of the dead — is celebrated on the 9th day after Easter. Radunitsa is an official public holiday in Belarus. 

Radunitsa remains a pagan tradition, yet recognised and supported by the Russian Orthodox Church, while the Orthodox Christians of Greece and the Middle East do not celebrate it. On Radunitsa, people pay visits to the graves of their dead family members and also bring an odd number of meals with them. Commemoration feasts are organised at cemeteries. Radunitsa traditions differ throughout Belarusian regions. In Central Belarus meals served right on graves as on tables. Previously, the food leftovers were given to the poor. Now some food is left by the gravestones, to “feed” the departed. Many see this as a manifestation of their love and respect to the dead and the act of keeping connection.

May 2013